The Needle’s Eye

A pyramid, about 45 feet high of ashlar blocks of local coal measure sandstone surmounted by an ornamental urn and pierced by a tall Gothic ogee arch. It straddles a now defunct private roadway which ran from Wentworth Woodhouse northwards to the Lion Lodges near Brampton Bierlow. It can be seen from Coaley Lane and reached via a signposted footpath leaving Coaley Lane almost opposite Street Lane.

Legend has it that Earl Fitzwilliam built the structure as a result of a wager that he could drive his horse and carriage through the eye of a needle. The position on the coach road supports this story, although the size of the archway is probably only sufficient to accomodate a small gun carriage.

There is also possible evidence of an execution by firing squad on one side, where there are several distinct pockmarks in the stone.

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